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Mission statement: We are in business to help families and individuals purchase a home and not try to sell them a home. We use our education to make sure every property we list, maximizes profit and sells quickly. We are in business to ensure every person receives the best service. When Des Moines Realty Group helps an individual or family purchase a home, we use our market knowledge and education to ensure they receive a great price.

Vision Statement: Our goal is to become the largest private real estate brokerage in the Des Moines Metro area. Our logo will represent hard word, unmatched customer service and integrity. After reaching our goals, our plan is to rebuild Des Moines and help families and individuals achieve their business and personal goals.

Owner’s beliefs and values: Michael Martin believes hard work is the key to success. Respect is earned and not given. A smart pencil is better than a bad memory. A trophy is earned by being the best and not earned by simply trying. If you figure out how to be the best, it is your duty to teach everyone else how to be the best. Put other people’s needs in front of your own. Happy wife/husband is a happy life. Play hard but love harder. Lastly, Be Nice 